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Oct 4, 2012 7:00am PDT
four people have died. >>> miguel cabrera has won the triple crown since boston's carl yastrzemski in 1967. >>> police in chicago are searching for those responsible for a marijuana farm the size of two football fields. >>> looked like a home invasion at ashton kuch kutcher's hollywood home turned out to be a hoax. he wasn't there. >>> the baseball world, a.l. western division championship! >> republican candidate currently running for president? >> snooki. >> and all that matters. >> i'm going to stop subsidy to pbs. i love pbs, love big bird, actually like you, too. >>> nfl has switched the jerseys to a body contoured fit. >> the complaint is that the new uniforms make them like tubby. you be the judge. here is tim tebow in the new uniforms. take a look at this what is that? take a look at this what is that? yeah. captioning funded by cbs do you think? [ laughter ] >>> welcome to "cbs this morning." the first of three presidential debates is over. this morning, most of the people who watched it say governor mitt romney got the upper hand on president obama. >> the candidates trad
Oct 3, 2012 11:00pm PDT
. and that means the a's will have to deal with this guy, miguel cabrera. cabrera is the first player since 1967 to win the triple crown. he leads the league in homers and runs batted in and batting average. he hit 330 with 139 r.b.i and 44 homers. last triple crown winner was 45 years ago. but there is one sad note tonight. a's relief pitcher was not with the club. pat and wife stephanie just lost their baby boy, gerig born 23 hours ago. no explanation on the cause of death. >> they will meet the reds in the division series. buster posey won the series finishing at 336. he is the first to win the crown since 70 years ago. buster is 0 for 2 and ground out with the only run. his first major league homer and the giants, just like the a's finished the regular season 94 and 68. they will meet the central champion reds reds and dusty baker, their former manager and the best of five, the first two games at at&t park. abc7 sports brought brought to you by river rock casino. >> fun, fun, fun. >> thanks, larry. >> "nightline" is up next. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm carolyn johnson. thanks for joining us. abc
Oct 4, 2012 4:30am PDT
failing a drug test. >>> big night for miguel cabrera. the detroit tigers slugger won baseball's triple crown. he is the first player know do so in 45 years. he led everyone in batting average with a .330, 44 home runs and 139 rbis. he is just the 15th player to achieve the honor. the last was in 1967 when carl yastrzemski did it for the red sox. >>> a new roman catholic archbishop will take over this afternoon and the installation mass will draw protestors. cbs 5 reporter cate caugiran is at st. mary's cathedral in san francisco. some of the new archbishop's views could be considered controversial. >>> reporter: that's right. historically these types of installations don't bring anger or interest. but in this case it's different because protestors are not exactly a fan of the new archbishop of san francisco, his national reputation supports california's ban on same-sex marriage. salvatore cordileone's installation will take place at 2:00 at st. mary's theat. 2,000 people are expected to show up including the vatican's ambassador to the u.s. this also includes protestors who will be her
Oct 4, 2012 6:00am PDT
winner that guy right there. miguel cabrera had a .339 had e.r.a. the last winner was carl yastrzemski in 1967. >>> real madrid's kaka sent i crossover to his teammate and watch the scissor kick. that baby goes right in the back of the net. real madrid wins in the netherlands. that kick is amazing. look at that. behind the back, got it. >>> 6:26. coming up from body language to big bird which candidate came up on top at last night's presidential debate. >> plus, it's sure to spark more controversy and protests. san francisco welcomes its new archbishop today. >>> police just wrapped up their investigation here at a shooting scene. it was at a birthday party last night. they still don't have a suspect description. the latest in a live report next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, >> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald >>> good morning, everyone. it's thursday, october 4. i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everybody. i'm frank mallicoat. a violent night in san jose ends with two men dead. >> and the presidential candidates hit the campaign trail after a heated first debate. those stories and
Oct 4, 2012 5:00am PDT
. >>> a triple crown winner since 1967. miguel melky cabrera led with a 333 batting average. melky cabrera comes just the 15th player in baseball history to accomplish that and he's joining the ranks of others. >>> -- high ranks of others. >>> i want to focus on 280 and that is getting into the valley. coming out of the pleasanton, busy in fremont and also business any in the -- busy in the livermore valley. >> all right, we have more delays from bart and we want to take you live to where the problem is and we want to tell you how long it will affect service this morning. >>> and a confrontation in vallejo leaves two people dead, we have your forecasted highs in two minutes. ♪ ♪ [ man ] excuse me miss. [ gasps ] this fiber one 90 calorie brownie has all the moist, chewy, deliciousness you desire. mmmm. thanks. [ man ] at 90 calories, the brownie of your dreams is now deliciously real. [ female announcer ] and now, try our new chocolate chip cookie 90 calorie brownie.
Oct 4, 2012 7:00am PDT
in almost five decades. miguel cabrera of the detroit tigers. tops in the american league in batting average, home runs, and rbis. while modern statisticians will tell you it's an outdated way to measure a player's value, only a dozen players have done it. the last one, karl yastrzemski in 1967. >> congratulations to him. >> congratulations. >>> to texas now. a committee rooting for a cheerleading squad. in a battle over religion and football. the squad's been banned from showing bible verses during games. now they're headed to court. ryan owens has the story. >> reporter: in this small texas town, they worship two things. god and football. >> all: clap your hands, go, red! >> reporter: so perhaps it only seemed natural that the cheerleading squad would paint bible verses on the banners the players run through for every game. >> we find it encourages the boys. >> reporter: but it apparently offended someone. the unidentified person complained to an atheist group saying the bible banners amounted to a public school advocating a particular religion. and that's unconstitutional. >> it's not a c
Oct 4, 2012 7:00am PDT
kind of overshadowed. this triple crown was completed, the amazing feat by miguel cabrebb barrera -- cabrera. >> when you do something that hasn't happened since 1967 it's amazing. the other thing about this guy, just like buster posey, this guy is a slow runner. posey is a real slow runner. posey is the first cacciatore win a -- catcher to win a batting champ since 1942. when you're slow you don't get any cheap hits. what was interesting about the playoffs is that the giants and as, i was looking last night on the computer, they are going to play exactly the same day. they will play saturday, sunday. then tuesday, if necessary wednesday and thursday of next week. >> wow. you >> you know what i'm saying? we'll have two games each of those days and you watch without a team that ties. the as will probably play the day game because they are the least -- you know. >> yeah. >> the as will be least attractive, they will probably be on around 1:00. if not -- yeah, about 1:00 at oakland. then the giants -- probably giving you too much information. >> no. >> the giants and reds will
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8 (some duplicates have been removed)